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The Darwin Lecture: Darwin diagnosed

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this free lecture, which this year will be given by Darwin expert and founder of the Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine, Professor Anthony Campbell.

New book reveals story of Scotland’s national gem

Crystal Mountains – Minerals of the Cairngorms by HOGG Member Roy Starkey explores the long tradition of hunting for ‘Cairngorm stones’, which saw individuals – and even whole families – driven to search the mountains with zeal akin to the lust for gold.

Do you know this artist?

While visiting the private museum of Dorset fossil collector, Wolfgang Grulke recently, Ted Nield saw a familiar image in a rather unfamiliar form. Could he have discovered a new version of Thomas Sopwith’s famous portrait of Buckland?

Not getting the drift

A new book by Alan Krill takes a hard look at the early ideas of plate-tectonics. Download this book as a PDF for free.

Google doodle celebrates Mary Anning

On May 21 this year, Google marked the 215th anniversary of the birth of Mary Anning (1799-1847) with one of its famous cartoons called Google doodles. Google’s doodles are spontaneous changes made to the Google logo in celebration of holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists who have helped shape history. Last year a photograph was discovered that may be of Mary Anning. Simply...