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European Oil & Gas Industry History conference

The focus of the conference will be to examine the history and heritage of the oil industry from the earliest onshore drilling (and digging) to its development into the industry that we know today.

A contemporary William Smith map

A contemporary interpretation of William Smith’s 1815 geological map has been created by Bristol artist Rodney Harris, coloured using material collected from the actual rocks represented on Smith’s map.

New biography of James Sowerby

James Sowerby (1757-1822) was an outstanding artist and natural historian, renowned for his discoveries and prodigious output of beautiful, scientific books of plants, fungi, animals, fossils and minerals, all at a key historical time: the age of Enlightenment in Great Britain. Beautifully illustrated with artwork and letter and manuscript extracts, this first full biography of Sowerby is a fascinating artistic and historical account, which extends beyond that of one key player.

October 2015: The Geology of the Marches (Ludlow)

The Geology of the Marches symposium is taking place in Ludlow between Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October in Ludlow. Get all the details about the conference on the official website.

The Past and Future Great Cascadian Earthquakes

Geology, ethnology, and history collaborated in the past two decades to provide us with a complete picture of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadian subduction zone and its past high-magnitude earthquakes. As an excellent article in The New Yorker makes clear, this information could not have come at a better time, as the next big quake may strike in the next few decades and we remain woefully underprepared for its disastrous consequences.