Date: 8 December 2016

Location: Burlington House, Piccadilly


  • Richard Moody, Kingston University
  • Roy Starkey,The Russell Society
  • Andrew Fleet, NHM London
  • Jenny Bennett, Ussher Society


  • £10 Meeting only
  • £22 Meeting and reception

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If you do not wish to pay online, please send a cheque to: HOGG Treasurer, 61 Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2RT.

This one-day meeting has been convened under the auspices of Geological Society and History of Geology Group (HOGG) inassociation with the Geologists’ Association, The Ussher Society, The Russell Society and The Harrow and Hillingdon Geological Society.

The contributions listed below reflect Bob’s contribution to mineralogical research, museum activities, earth science education, public outreach and the mineralogy of the Mendip Hills, the minerals and geology of Cornwall and Devon and the North of England.

The speakers are:

Dick Moody – Bob and the Geologists’ Association Brian Young – Minerals of Northern England Roger Le Voir – 10 Years at Sidmouth Museum

Ron Cleevely – The use of archive material to enhance our knowledge of mineral collecting in the past

Alan Hart – 35 Years’ Influence

Rick Turner – Beyond Symesite – Mendip Experiences with Bob Symes Roy Starkey – Bob Symes and Sir Arthur Russell

Richard Scrivener – Devonshire Shining Ore: micaceous hematite from NE Dartmoor John Mather – Sidmouth geology and geologists

Frank Ince – Vanadium Chemistry, Vanadium Geochemistry and UK Vanadates Alec Livingstone – Museums, collections and mineralogy; an overview

Contact addresses.

Dick Moody: e-mail: mobile telephone: +44 (0) 7973273623

Roy Starkey: home telephone: +44(0)1527874101)

JennyBenett: email

Andrew Fleet: e.mail