About Us

sp317The History of Geology Group (HOGG) was inaugurated in October 1994 to encourage interest in the lives and work of those scientists and philosophers who influenced both the study and the practice of geology. HOGG is open to anyone with an interest in the subject.


HOGG is affiliated to the Geological Society of London and most of its meetings are held in the Society’s apartments at Burlington House, Piccadilly, in London.

HOGG runs two or three meetings a year, one of which is usually located outside London. Many meetings have field trips associated with them. The benefits of membership (£15) include discounts on all our meetings, three newsletters a year and enrolment on our discussion list, a lively forum for matters relating to the history of geology. Click here to join.

HOGG is managed and run by a committee of its members; officers on the current committee are:

Chairman: Duncan Hawley
Vice Chairman: Geoffrey Walton
Secretary: John Henry
Treasurer and Membership Secretary: David Earle
Ordinary members: Beris Cox (newsletter), Cherry Lewis (website), Jill Darrell, Cynthia Burek, Nina Morgan and Peter Riches.