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Open Meeting

This year’s programme – a wide-ranging one that should have something to suit most people’s tastes – comprises twelve papers which range in topic from geological maps, through Antarctic exploration and geophysics to fossil vertebrates, early geological collections and the birth of plate tectonics. This promises to be an interesting and stimulating day.

The Geologists of Lyme Regis

This summer, Lyme Regis Museum opens its new extension, the Mary Anning Wing, and to mark the occasion HOGG is holding a weekend meeting based at the museum to discuss the remarkable contribution made by geologists associated with Lyme Regis.

The history of geology and mining in the Forest of Dean

Iron has been mined in the Forest of Dean since prehistoric times, and coal since at least Roman times, but how and when did an understanding of its geology evolve? This two-day field trip will explore the unique history of ‘free’ mining in the Forest of Dean, and how a gradual understanding of its geology facilitated exploration for these resources.

European Oil & Gas Industry History conference

The focus of the conference will be to examine the history and heritage of the oil industry from the earliest onshore drilling (and digging) to its development into the industry that we know today.

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