Date:  Tuesday 15th March 2016

Time:  Meet outside the Flett Lecture Theatre (adjacent to the entrance to the ‘Geological Museum’ in Exhibition Road) at 13.45hrs.  Participants will be collected from the entrance by Dr Chris Duffin at 13.50hrs, signed in, and escorted to the Palaeontology Section.  Visit to finish around 17.00hrs. 

Museum host:  Dr Paul Taylor

Provisional Programme:

1. Introductory talk on the origin and history of the NHM and its collections (duration c. 30 minutes). 
2. Visit to Collections.  Demonstrations and discussion at three stations:

  • A. Louis Agassiz and Fossil Fishes (Patterson/White Library; Fossil Fish Section) - View the copy of the Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles (1833–1843).  Chris Duffin to demonstrate the volume, supported by specimens from the fossil fish collection especially those collected by Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton and Lord Enniskillen, purchased by the NHM in the 1880’s.
  • B. Historical collections of Sir Hans Sloane (17th Century), Thomas Pennant (18th Century) and Charles König (18th Century).
  • C. Fossils and Folklore. Led by Paul Taylor and Chris Duffin.


Cost:  Members of HOGG and/or GA  £5 per person

Others  £7 per person

e-mail enquiries/expressions of interest to