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Field Meeting: Malvern Rocks: geology in a Victorian health resort

with Tim Carter and local experts The rocks around Malvern have long challenged geologists. Studies and discussions in the C19th, both by nationally renowned geologists and by local enthusiasts, show how ideas evolved. Theodore Groom, at the time Professor of Natural History at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, later at Birmingham and Oxford Universities expressed these […]

A.C. Ramsay: insights into mid-19th century geology from his papers

Anne Barrett Andrew Crombie Ramsay (1814-1891) was one of the most prominent British geologists of the mid-19th century. He rose from relatively humble beginnings to become the third Director-General of the Geological Survey; having completed much of the Survey’s mapping of Wales he directed a fair proportion of Survey work in England and Scotland too. […]

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