Date: 3rd-4th November 2014

Location: Burlington House, London

Convenor: Professor R. T. J. Moody


Geology and Medicine: Exploring the Historical Links and the Development of Public Health and Forensic Medicine”

Building on the success of the “History of Geology and Medicine” conference held in 2011 and the subsequent publication SP375 of the Geological Society of the same name, the History of Geology Group calls for written and poster contributions from medical and geoscientists on the topic(s) associated under the title of “Geology and Medicine: Exploring the Historical Links and the origins of Public Health and Forensic Science”.

The 2014 meeting marks the Tercentenary of Sir John Hill, and will explore:

• Founding Fathers of Geomedicine, recording the historical links established by individual scientists such as Darwin, Astley Cooper, Charles Daubeny, Gideon Mantell etc.

• Geological Therapies, dealing with the evolution of treatments from primitive lithotherapies to the therapeutic use of geological materials in medicines and the advent of hydrotherapy.

• The Origins of Public Health including Soil Chemistry, Water Quality, Health and Safety and the provision of the necessary infrastructure during the Victorian Era.

• The Evolution of Forensic Medicine.

Those wishing to contribute should contact Professor R. T. J. Moody: Extended abstracts of 500 words and a maximum of 3 figures should be submitted by the 31st of August 2014.