Friday 10th September – Sunday 12th September

Field Meeting (appropriately socially-distanced) with convenor Tim Carter

After the restrictions of a pandemic where better to meet than in an historic health resort with amazing geology? This field meeting will visit the Malvern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). There is a wealth of information about geological studies of the Malvern area during the nineteenth century. The meeting will look at some key sites in the area and consider how their geology came to be understood and popularised at the time when geology was a relatively novel and fashionable pursuit.

The meeting will start late afternoon on Friday 10th September and finish in the afternoon of Sunday 12th September.

The aim of the weekend will be to:

  1. provide background talks and /or written information about the geology and how it ‘interacted’ with the health aspects attributed to the Malvern Hills.
  2. arrange a series of local excursions to see the examples of the field geology that were important to the development of ideas and their popularisation during the nineteenth century.

Participants will book their own accommodation (arranged via the Malvern Tourist Information Centre service or via private booking).

Practicalities and arrangements for a field meeting in a Covid-19 world

As it is uncertain what will constitute the ‘new normal’, assuming it has arrived by the September date of the meeting, planning needs to be flexible. Two options are planned – dependent on public health circumstances – each with a different maximum number of places available.

Option 1 – if all relevant Covid restrictions have been lifted, arrangements will be as for a ‘regular’ meeting, with no limit on numbers able to attend.

Option 2 – will be a socially-distanced meeting with limited number of participants (25).

Which option will be implemented will be confirmed closer to the date of the meeting.


Registration and event ticket via Eventbrite.

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If members have mislaid their exclusive discount url they should contact:

Option 1. ‘Regular’ arrangements meeting
The number of people who can attend will not be limited.
The ‘regular’ meeting fee is £25 for HOGG members plus invited associates, and £30 for guests.

Accommodation can be booked through Malvern Tourist Information – Tel: 01684 892289 E-mail: – or via private arrangements (using the usual web-based booking agencies).

Meals will be self-paid/organised – there is plenty of choice available in the town of Malvern.

The programme will include:

1. A series of presentations to cover the topics of geology and springs, water cure, quarries, conservation,19th century geologists and their contributions, the popularisation of geology/fossil hunting.(indoors) – each repeated severally to give opportunity for all participants to hear and learn about each topic.

2. A series of field visits to sites important to geological understanding in the 19th century or where lectures to 19th century field clubs took place. Most will involve climbs of between 100 to 200metres and walking distances between1 and 4 km. Paths are well defined, but boots recommended. Lunch stops will provide opportunity for purchase of packed lunch or at a pub /café.

Refreshments, as well as coach transport to the more distant sites will be arranged – although a few of sites may be visited by car or car share, dependent on the final programme.

Option 2. Socially-distanced meeting (centred on Great Malvern)
This will be £10 for HOGG members. Places for a socially distanced meeting will be allocated to the first 25 people to book.

The meeting fee will include printing background material. All events will be outdoors, with travel to the more distant sites by car.

Any necessary revision of arrangements (including whether Option1 or Option 2) will be advised by July 10th, or if, appropriate, as soon as possible thereafter.

If it is only possible to offer Option 2 (socially-distanced meeting) then all those registered for Option 1 will receive a refund.