Date: Cancelled
Venue: Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Môn), North Wales
Convenors: Cynthia Burek (HOGG), Duncan Hawley (HOGG) and GeoMôn Geopark

Due to the present COVID-19 circumstances the Aug 2020 – Edward Greenly and the Geology of Anglesey – a centenary meeting has been cancelled.

It is possible we may attempt to reorganise this meeting for a long weekend in the summer 2021, depend on the availability of leaders and the level of interest for this meeting. Further notices will follow early in 2021.

Unfortunately a re-scheduled meeting will miss the centenary of the publication of the Geological Survey map of Anglesey (1920) . However the work of Edward Greenly, but the map is such an exemplar of its art that it is worth considering if this meeting can run in 2021. Greenly was the master of mapping at six inches to the mile, and his 1930 book ‘Methods in Geological Surveying’ is a classic. A 2021 meeting may well expand the theme of mapping Anglesey to include the remarkable work of John Stevens Henslow (map published 1821) and that of H.T. De La Beche and Andrew C. Ramsay with the first Geological Survey mapping of the island in 1850s.

Watch this space for any future announcements.

Edward Greenly and the Geology of Anglesey – a centenary meeting

2020 marks one hundred years since the publication of the Geological Survey map of Anglesey. The memoir ‘The Geology of Anglesey’ was published the year before. Both these were the work of Edward Greenly, who had toiled assiduously, with the support of his very able wife, Annie, over the previous 25 years to map the geology of Anglesey in great detail. Greenly was the master of mapping at six inches to the mile, and he would produce a book on ‘Geological Surveying’ a decade later that would become a standard in how to do geological mapping.

Anglesey is renowned for its magnificent and varied coastal scenery, with its superb exposure of rocks. The geology of Anglesey had been studied, mapped and debated by ‘classic’ geologists since the early C19th, notably John Stevens Henslow (in 1822), Henry Thomas De la Beche and Andrew Crombie Ramsay (in 1849,1850 & 1851), who described the rocks and had begun to unravel the stratigraphy, but it was Greenly who paved the way for our present-day understanding of the structural complexity and variety of geological settings that produced the rocks of Anglesey. Greenly was the first to introduce the term ‘mélange’ for the rock formerly known as ‘crush breccia’, and there will be a visit to Greenly’s type section for this deposit, which of international significance as the world type-site for mélange deposits.

This HOGG field meeting will explore sites mapped by Greenly, to begin to understand the ‘genius’ of his achievement.

  • Visits to ‘classic’ sites (of Greenly and other geologists) will be led by members of the UNESCO GeoMôn Geopark.
  • The details of the itinerary are yet to be confirmed, but the meeting will start (on the evening of 21st) at the GeoPark HQ in Amlwch (on the north coast).
  • There will be a visit to the grave of Greenly and, if possible, also to the grave of A.C. Ramsay, who is also buried on the island.
  • We are aiming to arrange a visit to see Greenly’s archive in Bangor.
  • Further details are to follow.


Participants will be expected to make their own accommodation arrangements.

There are numerous Bed & Breakfast options on Anglesey (many around £50-70 per night) – easily bookable via internet accommodation agencies e.g. It is possible that participants will arrange to meet for evening meals – for those who wish. The area around Amlwch and Cemaes is a pleasant and convenient location to be based, but many other places on Anglesey would be suitable locations to stay.

You are advised to book your B&B as soon as possible to secure accommodation.


Nowhere on Anglesey is more than a distance of about 45 minutes drive. We aim to arrange car share for the field visits.

When registering please indicate if you will require transport or if you are able to offer places in a your car.

We will assume care share offers are for two places unless indicated otherwise – in which case please email with your offer. For those who wish to travel by rail, trains run from Euston to Holyhead (note that most of the stops on Anglesey are request). Arrangements can be made to meet those arriving by train from a nominated station.

Registration and cost

There will be a charge for the meeting of £15 for members of HOGG, and £25 for non-members (to include HOGG membership for the remainder of the year).