Date: 18 June 2015

Location: Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

Convenor: Anthony Brook


  • HOGG Members: £20
  • Non-members: £25 

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09.00  Doors open,  Registration

09.40  Welcome etc.


Session 1:  Building Stones

09.45  ‘A Thousand Years of Building-Stone’ Project in two Welsh Border Counties.

Kate Andrew

10.15  Some Maps, Measures and Models of Building Stone Use.

            Roger Cordiner

10.45  Coffee & Biscuits


Session 2:  Opening Decades of the 19th Century

11.15  KEYNOTE Tambora: Supervolcano Eruptions and their impacts on Society and History 

Bill McGuire

12.00  Brighton and Hove Basement: Geological Basis of a Conurbation.

Geoffrey Mead

12.30 Geology and Fiction 1815–1850.

Adelene Buckland

13.00  Lunch


Session 3:  Our Geological Heritage

13.50  keynote Geoheritage and the UK’s most significant Geological Sites.

Rob Butler

14.45  Interpreting Geoheritage: Challenges and Themes––Case study of the World Heritage Site

             of the Jurassic Coast.

Sam Scriven

15.15  The Importance of Global Geoparks––Case study of the English Riviera Geopark.

Melanie Border

15.45  The Importance of Being RIGS!––Case study of the Sussex Geodiversity Sites.

John Cooper

16.15  Tea & Biscuits


Session 4:  Miscellany

16.45  Geology, Groundwater and Tunnelling Problems at Merstham, East Surrey.

Paul Sowan

17.15  The Mineral Prospecting Expedition to the South Atlantic islands by the Scottish geologist David Ferguson, 1912–1914.

Phil Stone

17.45  Close