HousePicture1Anyone interested in the history of geology may attend our meetings. We address a wide range of topics of interest to both historians and geologists.

Upcoming meetings are listed below. Information on past meetings can be found here.

Aug 2020 - Edward Greenly and the Geology of Anglesey – a centenary meeting – CANCELLED

2020 marks one hundred years since the publication of the Geological Survey map of Anglesey. The memoir ‘The Geology of Anglesey’ was published the year before. Both these were the work of Edward Greenly, with the support of his very able wife, Annie, over the previous 25 years to map the geology of Anglesey in great detail. Greenly was the master of mapping at six inches to the mile, and he would produce a book on ‘Geological Surveying’ a decade later that would become a standard in how to do geological mapping.

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May 2021 - George Bellas Greenough Map Bicentenary Meeting

The Geological Map of England and Wales by George Bellas Greenough (1778-1855), also known as ‘the Geological Society’s map’, was published on 1 May 1820. An event to celebrate the bicentenary of this important map will take place on 2021.

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Nov 2021 - Archibald Geikie as an innovator, influencer, and educator

This meeting, jointly organised with Haslemere Educational Museum, will explore Archibald Geikie as an innovator, influencer, and educator.

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