Watercolour sketch of a Geological Society meeting in progress at Somerset House, probably by Henry Thomas De La Beche, c.1830. The sketch is drawn as if from behind the Presidential chair. Several geologists can be identified: seated farthest away and wearing spectacles is Henry De la Beche, next to him is Roderick Impey Murchison with John Phillips. Across the table are George Bellas Greenough, William Fitton, Charles Lyell and William Buckland. Image courtesy of the Geological Society of London

Anyone interested in the history of geology may attend our talks and meetings. We address a wide range of topics of interest to both historians and geologists.

Members are eligible for free admission to online events; non-members are charged a small fee. There is normally a charge for all other meetings/events to cover costs; members are eligible for a discount.

Upcoming meetings are listed below. Information on past meetings can be found here.

Oct 2021 - The history of petroleum exploration: evolving technologies based on a handful of underlying principles.

The first geological principles explaining petroleum finds were established in the early 1900s in exploration on land. Petroleum exploration progressed when technologies enabled these first principles to be applied to ‘hidden’ prospects (e.g. offshore).

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Nov 2021 - The ‘Discovery’ of the Silurian: following in the footsteps of Murchison.

Using original material and first-hand evidence from the field, Duncan Hawley will outline the origin one of the most iconic geological Periods, suggesting why Sir Roderick Murchison chose to view this particular location in the Wye valley as the site where he ‘discovered’ the Silurian.

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