Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this free lecture, which this year will be given by Darwin expert and founder of the Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine, Professor Anthony Campbell.

Returning to London from his voyage of South America, Charles Darwin began suffering from a wide range of gut and systemic symptoms that would affect him for the rest of his life, ultimately forcing him to move out of London. There were claims of arsenic poisoning, Chagas’ disease and various gut ailments, however Darwin’s symptoms could never be diagnosed ... until now. 

Thursday 2 October, 6.00pm
Linnean Society, Burlington House, London

In this lecture, Professor Campbell will show that Darwin’s 50-year symptoms match exactly those of lactose and food intolerance, most commonly known today as IBS, as well as suffering from type 2 diabetes. It will also explore the fascinating things that lactose intolerance can tell us about the evolution of species. 

The lecture is free and open to all. Registration opens at 5.30pm and a drinks reception will follow the lecture.

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